We, Teresa and Bill, are retired and live in the eastern end of the beautiful state of Washington. We fell in love with the Moclips area several years ago, when we came for a beach vacation. It's so peaceful and quiet and full of wonderful people. And the view is breathtaking!

We are thrilled to watch beachcombers, clam diggers, kites and all the other beach activity here at Chickadee Sands.

We named our newly built home for our family history, as well as its location.

When my four siblings and I were young, our sweet Mom called us her "Little Chickadees". Then, as we were here in Moclips admiring the view, we noticed a good number of chickadees flitting around - and our beach home got its name!

We truly hope you are able to come and enjoy this magical place and see for yourselves why we love Moclips and Chickadee Sands!